It’s Monday

Good Morning!
It’s Monday. I don’t like Mondays. Monday is the day I remember everything that I forgot Over the weekend and can’t remember what it is I’m supposed to be doing the rest of the week.
It’s easy, too easy to get frustrated with the seeming insanity of school, home, friends and work.
It’s morning like this where I find myself getting lost in a sea of mental stress that sometimes, just sometimes all I need is a simple Bible Verse to get my head screwed back on straight again.
This morning that verse is Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”
Be still.
Those two words, so profound and yet so simple have helped me regain my composure time and time again.
Be still.
It’s the hardest action to perform.
Be still.
It’s what’s we all need a moment to do.
Today, I encourage you to stop and be still for just a moment when you feel like life is getting out of control, when you feel your emotions raging, when you feel like you are alone…
Be still. Be still and know that God is real, and that He loves you., and so do I. And so do all the adults that are a part of your church family.
Be still. You are loved. Be still, you belong.”

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