Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

Grace Financial Coaching is a ministry sponsored by Grace Downtown of Winchester Church.  Our purpose is to provide financial coaching based on Christian principles to all members of our community who seek change in their fiscal situations.  We provide one-on- one coaching to clients  while tailoring to their specific situations.

The ministry is led by Kenny Noe.  Kenny is a Dave Ramsey Certified Master Financial Coach and has a heart to teach fiscal management.

Coaching Sessions
The initial consultation assessment appointment is free and usually last about 30 minutes. During this meeting we can develop a plan to address the clients concerns.  The following Coaching Session appointments are scheduled in one hour increments as needed by the client.  These appointments cost $25.00.

Why is there a cost for a ministry?

Honestly, this is a “skin-in-the-game” tactic.

Anything worth doing in life requires a cost.  We are asking that you invest in yourself and become a better manager of your hard earned money.

Learning how to control your money is a skill. Once that skill is obtained you will reap dividends throughout your life.  Make your money work for you rather than you working for money.  If you are willing to pay a little now then the lessons you learn will have more meaning throughout your life.

All fees collected are given to Grace Downtown of Winchester to further this and other ministry programs.

Contact a coach and form
email : gdow@mygracedowtown
Initial assessment form – GFC Personal Snapshot