Volunteer Opportunities

Be sure to check out the upcoming events page for more opportunities.
Missions and Outreach Ministries
Currently seeking local and regional missions
POC – Misty Fields, (misty@mygracedowntown.com)
We’re looking for talented folks to be a blessing and help the church body in worship. Interested in playing on Sunday mornings or any extra events, Please contact Russ or Misty
POC – Russ Stewart, (Russ@mygracedowntown.com)
POC – Misty Fields, (misty@mygracedowntown.com)
Children’s Ministry
If you have a heart for children and you can pass a background and drug test, we need your help!
POC – James Anderson, (jamesanderson81@yahoo.com)
Sunday Service Pre and Post Prep
Come and serve your church! We are blessed to have the use of a facility that also has multiple purposes. People are needed to help set up and take down chairs, general cleanup, and readying the facility for its next use. This is a great time to fellowship and serve with the church body.
POC – Dondi Searfoss, (dsearfoss@mcflow.com)
Come and serve your church! Folks are needed to help serve the church body before and in-between services on Sunday. You can develop friendships and meet / greet new people to the church.
POC – Dave Murphy, (dmurphy251@yahoo.com)