Reverb Youth Group Schedule

Hello Reverb parents, teens, volunteers and leaders.

The following is our newest schedule with additional dates and activities.

Please mark your calendars and let me know if you have any questions

Yellow Highlights are Service Opportunities
Green Highlights are dates we are not meeting

April 7th 1-3pm New 5part series “You Can’t Talk About That” Part 1: “Doubt”

April 14th 1-3pm Reverb, Part 2: “Sexuality” LeAnn leads!
April 14th 3-5pm: Church Cleaning

April 21st – Easter, no Reverb

April 28th 1-3pm Reverb, Part 3: “Addiction” (Guest Speaker) (offsite, 3rd Battle of Win.)

May 4th 7:30am, Apple blossom 10k water stand – Schewels Furniture

May 5th 10am-5pm Apple Blossom in the Park, no Reverb

May 10th 5-8pm Dinner for Moms, Reverb serves the special ladies in our lives

May 12th Mother’s Day, no Reverb

May 19th 1-3pm Reverb, Part 4: “Depression and Self Image” (offsite, location TBA)

May 26th Memorial Day, no Reverb
June 2nd 1-3pm Reverb, Part 5: “Hell”

June 9th New series “Asking for a Friend”

June 16th Father’s Day, no Reverb

June 23rd 3rd 1-3pm Reverb

June 30th 1-3pm Reverb (offsite, location TBA)


———Mark Your Calendars———–

June 22 8am-10pm Kings Fest Concert at Kings Dominion $75

July 5th 4pm – Community Meal at Winchester Rescue Mission

July 15-19 Booneville Mission Trip $250

July 21-26 Camp Watermark $265

July 28th 4th Annual Church Picnic and Baptism at Lake Holiday

August 2nd 4pm – Community Meal at Winchester Rescue Mission
August 2nd 7pm – 3rd 7am LOCK-IN and Middle School Celebration